Medical Fiber Optic Cables

Alpha Source is your source for brilliant light where you can choose from a variety of Medical Fiber Optic Cables or Create a Custom Medical Fiber Optic Cable through a simple 7 step process. Working closely with Gulf Fiberoptics we provide standard and custom medical light cords for rigid endoscopes, replacement light bundles for flexible endoscopes, complete surgical headlight systems and light sources.

If you're looking for pricing and details on any of the following call Customer Service at 1.800.654.9845

  • Premium medical fiber optics for scopes and headlights
  • Custom fiber optic cable options including color, length, fiber bundle diameter
  • Bifurcated cables for headlights
  • Mesh sheathing for surgical microscope cables
  • Universal cables with choice of fittings
  • Repairs for fiber optic cables

Looking for information on taking care of or getting the most out of your Medical Fiber Optic Cables? Check out our Quick Tips and additional links to Fiber Optic Cable maintenance and inspection information.

Gulf Medical Fiberoptics

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