Alpha Source Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it. Read what others are saying.

At Alpha Source it is not just about selling a wide range of quality products, it is also about building relationships with our customers and providing the best customer service possible.  Our number one objective is to meet and exceed our customer's needs and expectations.


Building Relationships
  • I would like to say Thank You to Alpha Source for the continued support and service provided to my organization. My rep has worked closely with me and has provided excellent customer service. I feel my rep is an asset to Alpha Source and my company. I look forward to the future and a growing relationship with Alpha Source.

  • It is a real pleasure working together with my customer service rep at Alpha Source. He has helped me tremendously and has always been very professional and friendly. It is fantastic to know how ambitious he is in helping others, especially in such a timely manor. I definitely appreciate his hard work and efforts.

Product Research
  • Thank you for all your hard work in coming up with the seemingly unattainable lamps and batteries we need. It is always a pleasure to work with you. Your promptness is much appreciated

  • I call my rep with minimal information, and she is able to tell me the exact part I need. I'm always pleasantly surprised when she is able to come up with the lamp, battery, etc. I need from minimal information provided.

Customer Satisfaction
  • When it comes to customer satisfaction it is always a real pleasure to recall the name of the companies and the sales representatives that become part of you daily work, assisting you with all your needs and supporting you with the various alternatives in which to improve quality, service and satisfaction.  Creating a relationship between a costumer and a company by building a permanent link of trust is very important to me.

    This is the case with Alpha Source & my customer service rep, and has been for the past decade!!!

  • I am writing this letter to mention that in my professional opinion, my regular customer service rep is one of the best.  I speak with customers and vendors all day everyday, and he, by far, is one of the most efficient of them all.  Whenever I call to place an order, he is accurate with our account information (account number, credit card information [number, expiration date, etc.]).  I tease him that pretty soon he will actually know what part I am ordering before I call. 

    I've also spoken with a few other reps on several occasions, and I think that Alpha Source hires the best of the best.  They always have great attitudes and are very helpful.

Going the Extra Mile
  • I have had the privilege to work with my sales rep for many months now in her capacity as a sales associate and have found her to be extremely competent with great attention to detail. She goes the extra mile when asked to research or find an out of the ordinary medical equipment part or accessory. In addition she is pleasant to work with, has a great sense of humor, and is timely in her research; all of which makes working with her and Alpha Source a great experience.

Easy Ordering
  • Placing orders with Alpha Source is always a breeze. The customer service agents know their stuff and are a pleasure to work with!

  • My experience when placing orders with Alpha Source is always an enjoyable one. I particularly enjoy speaking with my customer service rep. I enjoy the pleasant and knowledgeable representation they have.

Prompt Follow-Up
  • I just want to thank you for the great customer service that you provide. Many thanks for the prompt replies on requested item specifications prior to ordering, for the good follow-ups on back orders, and most of all for helping us save money by giving us reasonable pricing.

  • Alpha Source is synonymous with "happy customers and satisfaction!" I am always very satisfied with the fast and friendly service at Alpha Source!

  • I am a Senior Purchasing Agent servicing over 300 Hospital Nationwide and I have had GREAT EXPERIENCES WITH APLHA SOURCE.

    I want to take the time to "Thank You" and say that in all my experiences with making purchases from various sources over the years for medical batteries, thermometers, xenon lamps, fiber optic cables etc, Alpha Source has been by far the best and easiest to work with. Not only have my orders been delivered to hospitals in record time, but my orders were confirmed almost within seconds of ordering.

    My Sales Rep was concerned with my order, whether it would work for me and the hospitals, and answered all my questions on the products I was ordering.

    I will continue to do business with Alpha Source each & every time.  Thanks again!!!


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